Natalia Taylor

Success Coach

Natalie comes to you with a wide range of life and professional experiences. After being homeless at the age of 15 and pregnant at 16 she still turned around and leveraged opportunities for 40 scholarships into a career in the financial capital of the world. Natalie later leveraged her experience on Wall Street working for Credit Suisse, to work on major deals in the financial sector. One of the major breakthrough Natalie got was launching a a career in public auditing the 2nd largest public accounting and consulting firm, Ernst and Young where she worked on yearly audits for some one the world largest financial, bio-tech, media and entertainment and fashion companies.

Natalie launched her personal development business, Wealth Improvement Network (WIN) in 2014 out of convenience to provide necessary support for her rapidly growing international business she built as a single mom of 4 from home. She created and executed biweekly mindset and success coaching seminars ranging for groups between 300-1600 persons lead by herself and featured other international motivational speakers and success coaches. Natalie’s WIN brand has since grown producing 4 workbooks and one journal to support the 4 coaching courses the company now offers online as well as live. Natalie also developed Human Capital Development HCD Platforms that have created overwhelming success for companies with hundreds of millions of USD under management. This platform provides leadership and personal development programs, empowerment seminars and retreats specifically designed to address the underlying issues identified by client.

Some topics Natalie covered include: Life Architect Complete, Living life by design, Passion to Profit, How to take what comes natural and turn it into multiple streams of income Leadership Shifting, The art of leading and developing other leaders Making sense out of the mess to transform the message for your market Turning Broken pieces into Brilliant Purpose.