Ollie “Souljah Essoh” Richardson

Urban Artist

Born Ollie Richardson, in the historic city of Savannah Georgia, Souljah Essoh is a man of many gifts and talents. Not only a recording artist, Essoh (Pronounced “S-O”) is also an Actor, Writer, and Minister (Assistant Pastor of Damascus Church; Lake City, Ga.). His love of music was cultivated at an early age. Being first exposed to the power of music within the walls of the church, it is easy to understand the reason his lyrics are filled with such passion, conviction, and soul. “I always knew there was something I had to do in life that involved music. I just felt It.” said Essoh in an interview with UCC Magazine. From his Billboard charting “group success”, to blazing a new trail as a solo artist, Essoh has proved himself to be an artist with a voice OF and FOR this generation.